Jun. 18 , 2019

First, avoid the problem of monitoring for a long time in the same location

It is well known that the main purpose of using a Medical Temperature Probes is to more accurately monitor the patient’s oxygen saturation value, thereby facilitating the doctor to adjust the treatment plan or the amount of medication according to the patient’s oxygen saturation. Although the oxygen saturation probe can be monitored at the nails of adults and the palms of newborns, if the monitoring is performed at the same position on the patient’s body for an extended period of time, the monitoring values may be inaccurate, so use oxygen saturation. This phenomenon should be avoided when the probe is used.

Second, to avoid factors affecting the accuracy of monitoring results

Although the advanced medical technology has been adopted in the development of the Masimo SpO2 Sensor, it does not mean that the measurement result of this instrument is not interfered by any external factors, such as the cleanliness of the monitoring site and the state of the subject. It will affect the monitored value of the oxygen saturation probe. Therefore, when using the oxygen saturation probe, make sure that the monitoring site is in a clean state, and you should also try to avoid strenuous exercise in those patients who are being monitored.

Medical Temperature Probes

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