May. 17 , 2019

Nurses can fully grasp the timing of sucking and sucking time through SpO2 monitoring. These points in the suction operation should be brought to the attention and adjusted by SpO2 monitoring:

When the patient’s Nihon Kohden Spo2 Sensor gradually decreases by 2% to 3%, and the auscultation has a snoring sound in the lungs, the patient should be sucked;

Do not attract too much after SpO2 returns to normal within 15 minutes after sucking;

When SpO2 drops to 85%, the suction should be suspended. First, inhale the patient with high concentration of oxygen or ventilate the ventilator. After the SpO2 rises, continue to attract, so as to avoid excessive suction and excessive frequency of respiratory tract. Stimulation affects lung ventilation, leading to hypoxemia.

Nihon Kohden Spo2 Sensor

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