May. 25 , 2019

1. Nellcor SpO2 Sensor can applied to the screening of neonatal congenital heart disease. If the blood oxygen saturation of the hand and the foot is <98% at the same time or the blood oxygen saturation between the hand and the foot is ±3%, the initial diagnosis is a congenital heart; the diagnosis of the heart requires an ultrasound.

2. Adult Finger Clip SpO2 Sensor was performed on patients in the 6-minute walk test. The prognosis of patients with COPD who had a decrease in oxygen saturation during the 6-minute walk test was worse than that of patients who did not have a decrease in oxygen saturation.

3. When a stroke patient eats, bedside pulse oximetry measures the swallowing function of stroke patients. Aspiration can cause reflex bronchoconstriction, which reduces blood oxygen saturation.

The pulse oximetry monitoring method is simple and clear, has strong operability, no pain, and good accuracy. It is not only a monitoring method, but also a simple, non-invasive and effective diagnostic method.

Nellcor SpO2 Sensor

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