Apr. 04 , 2019

When the patient’s oxygen saturation is found to be reduced on Direct-Connect ECG Cable, the following aspects should be considered one by one to find the problem.

1. Is the partial pressure of oxygen inhaled too low? When the inhaled gas oxygen content is insufficient, it may cause the blood oxygen saturation to drop. It should be combined with the medical history to ask whether the patient has ever gone to the plateau above 3000m above sea level, flying at high altitude, rising after diving, and poorly ventilated mines.

2. Is there any airflow obstruction? It is necessary to consider whether there is obstructive ventilation deficiency caused by diseases such as asthma and COPD, tongue root fall, and respiratory secretions.

3. Is there a ventilatory dysfunction that the Oximax SpO2 Sensor show low Oxygen saturation? Think about whether the patient has severe pneumonia, severe tuberculosis, diffuse pulmonary interstitial fibrosis, pulmonary edema, pulmonary embolism and other diseases that affect ventilation.

4. What is the quality and quantity of Hb that transports oxygen in the blood. The occurrence of abnormal substances, such as CO poisoning, nitrite poisoning, and abnormal hemoglobin increase, not only seriously affect the transportation of oxygen in the blood, but also seriously affect the release of oxygen.

Oximax SpO2 Sensor

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