Jul. 27 , 2019

Oxygen is a necessity for a normal person or a patient to maintain normal functioning of the body. In the patient state, the oxygen content of the patient’s blood directly affects the normal metabolism of the body, in order to be able to timely monitoring the blood oxygen saturation of patients requires the use of instruments such as Nellcor SPO2 Sensor, and it has been introduced and adopted by many hospitals. So what are the advantages of the after-sales service with good quality SPO2 sensor in a wide range of applications in hospitals? Adult Finger Clip Sensor Supplier would like to share with you.

Nellcor SPO2 Sensor

Nellcor SPO2 Sensor

Advantages 1. Simple structure and convenient use.

Unlike traditional medical monitoring instruments, the SPO2 sensor looks very simple on the body structure, but the oxygen saturation value measured by the SPO2 sensor is not lower than that of traditional medical instruments. It is the main reason why modern hospitals, including homes, purchase this monitoring instrument in multiple scenes. In addition, the advanced manufacturing principle makes the SPO2 sensor also have significant advantages in volume and power consumption, and the advantages in this aspect also make the detection instrument easy to use and carry.

Advantage 2. No need to form a wound on the surface of the human body.

The SPO2 sensor only needs to clamp the finger clip to the patient’s nail to monitor the oxygen saturation. This monitoring principle does not need to be accurately monitored by manufacturing the wound. Therefore, the use of the SPO2 sensor means that the patient can be prevented from being monitored. It is naturally easier for the doctor to measure the oxygen content of the blood in the patient.

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