Jul. 19 , 2019

Body temperature is not fixed and can fluctuate with factors such as gender, age, day and night, exercise and mood changes, but this change is often within the normal range. When our body temperature is not normal, the doctor will use Medical Temperature Probes to help us to test.

Medical Temperature Probes

Medical Temperature Probes

1.Gender factor

Generally, women are slightly higher than men, women are slightly elevated in premenstrual and early pregnancy, and ovulation is low. This fluctuation is mainly related to the progesterone secretion cycle. Women’s body fat is higher than men. This should also be a cause.

2.Age factor

The body temperature of the newborn is susceptible to changes in external temperature. Because the development of the central nervous system of the newborn is not perfect, the development of the skin sweat gland is not complete, so the body temperature regulation function is poor and easy to fluctuate. Children have a high metabolic rate and their body temperature can be slightly higher than that of adults. Older people have lower body temperature due to lower metabolic rate.

3.Day and night factor

Generally, the body temperature is the lowest at 2-6 in the morning, and the body temperature is the highest at 4-8, and the variation range is about 0.5-1 °C. This regular fluctuation of day and night is due to the corresponding cyclical changes in people’s long-term lifestyles such as activity, metabolism, and blood circulation. For a long time engaged in nighttime workers, cyclical fluctuations occur at night when the body temperature rises and the body temperature drops during the day.

4.Emotions and movements

When the emotion is excited, the sympathetic nerve is excited, and when the skeletal muscle contracts during exercise, the body temperature can be slightly increased.

In addition, changes in outside temperature, eating, etc. can cause fluctuations in body temperature.

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