Jan. 07 , 2019

For principle of Mindray Adapter Cable, in O2 transport, the form of O2 mainly combined with hemoglobin is present in red blood cells, and the amount of physical dissolution is extremely small. The maximum amount of hemoglobin-bound oxygen per 100 ml of blood is called oxygen capacity OCP, and the actual amount of oxygen combined with blood red white is called OCN. , oxygen saturation is the ratio of the two, namely. In general, the range of SPO2 is 92% to 98%. The basic principle of blood oxygen saturation in the body measurement is photoelectric method. The arterial blood vessels usually pulsate continuously. During the contraction and relaxation, as the blood flow increases and decreases, the light absorption ratios of different degrees of absorption, contraction and relaxation are converted into blood oxygen saturation measurements, blood oxygen saturation. The electronic principle of measurement.

Regardless of the Healthcare SpO2 Adapter Cable, its sensor consists of two tubes and a photocell. One of the light-emitting tubes emits visible red light with a wavelength of 660 nm, and the other light-emitting tube emits invisible infrared light with a wavelength between 920 and 950 nm. The difference between the various types of probe components is not very large, but the connection is slightly There are different. Its internal structure can be generally divided into three types. The author divides it into AC type, common type and common type in his own language. The polarity is different, the light is different, and the signal reception and output are different. The internal structure of the current blood oxygen probe is roughly the same, and some of the resistors with different resistance values are installed at the joint as the probe connection and the missed detection.

Healthcare SpO2 Adapter Cable

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