The Failure Example Of Spo2 Sensor

Aug. 21 , 2019

Here is a SpO2 Adapter Cable Manufacturer talking about the failure example of Spo2 Sensor.

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Spo2 Sensor

Spo2 Sensor

Symptom 1: The Mindray 509 meter has no SPO2 value, and the probe observes no red light emission.

Analysis and overhaul:

The probe has no red light emission and the probe is estimated to be defective. Replace the replacement probe SPO2 value to normal, determine the probe failure. At the interface, the red light emitting part of the light-emitting tube is unreachable, the finger sleeve is removed, the silica gel of the fixed launching seat cover is peeled off, and the table is measured at the root of the light-emitting tube, and the static value is normal. Estimated front end disconnection. Carefully cut the finger socket connection with a scalpel, find a cable break, weld the cable, and apply the silicone sleeve to the original position. On the machine detection, the probe works normally. This probe is a common anode probe. Probes like this are rarely used, and the Mindray 507 and the Tianjin Ditto D T2100 monitor use this type of probe.

Symptom 2: Dat e x – Tuff a st The oximeter has no SPO2 value and has red light emission.

Analysis and overhaul:

It has been found that the photocell is insensitive to the optical pole. It is estimated that the photocell is aging or the cable is broken, the finger sleeve is opened, and the receiving seat cover is removed, and the measurement phenomenon at the root of the phototube remains. Use a scalpel to carefully peel off the photocells that are packaged on the seat cover, and solder the photocells of the probes on the same type of scraper, and package them with 704 silicone. Be careful not to reverse the photocell receiving surface. After the machine is detected, the SPO2 value returns to normal. The probe is a common cathode probe. There are fewer probes like this, and I only found this one.

Symptom 3: HP HP1205A instrument SPO2 value display value is low.

Analysis and overhaul:

Replace the spare probe SPO2 value is normal, determine the probe is defective. After measurement, the static values of each part of the probe are normal. It is suspected that the efficiency of the LED or photocell is degraded. However, it was found that the probe finger sleeve has a broken hole. The SPO2 value of the broken hole is returned to normal by hand. It is estimated that the probe has light leakage, because the probe finger sleeve is made of soft silicone material, which is easy to be broken for a long time. Find a soft silicone material and fill the hole with silica gel. The probe is used normally and has been used well. This probe is an AC probe. Probes similar to this type are used most widely, such as the GE DASH-3000 monitor, the Milan 3500 monitor, the Dat ex anesthesia monitor, and the US KIN G PACE NP-900F ECG monitor.


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