Apr. 19 , 2019

The ability of blood to carry oxygen is measured by oxygen saturation.

Pulse oximetry is SpO2 on Disposable Spo2 Sensor, the degree to which hemoglobin (Hb) binds to oxygen, that is, the percentage of oxygen and Hb to total Hb, or the ratio of Hb-bound oxygen to Hb oxygen capacity.

Calculation formula: SpO2 = HbO2 / (HbO2 + Hb) × 100%.

The normal value of oxygen saturation is 95% – 99%, and oxygen saturation is directly related to oxygen partial pressure. It is generally considered that SpO2 shown on NIHON BSM 2301 Spo2 Sensor should be no less than 94%, and below 94% is insufficient oxygen supply. Some scholars have set SpO2 <90% as the standard for hypoxemia. When SpO2 is higher than 70%, the accuracy of monitoring is ±2%. When SpO2 is lower than 70%, the error will increase.

Disposable Spo2 Sensor

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