GE Skin-surface Medical Temperature Probe

  • Model no.: AMD-RP-AS0014-X
  • Compatible brand : GE
  • Plug Style: Rectangle-11P

Product Description

GE Rectangle-11P Reusable Skin-surface Adult Temperature Probe

Quick Details:

  • Product Name:  Temperature Probe
  • Model no.: AMD-RP-AS0014-X
  • Compatible brand : GE
  • Plug Style: Rectangle-11P
  • Cable Length: 3.0 Meters
  • Cable color: Gray
  • Cable material: TPU
  • Times of use: Reusable


Product Parameters:

Technical Specifications
Temperature Probes
Compatible Brand

GE Healthcare ,YSI, HP/Philips, Siemens,Spacelabs, Mindray, HT, etc.

1) Compatible equipment must meet the standard GB9706.1-2007 / IEC 60601-1: 1998.
2) The application of compatible equipment must be BF or CF type.
Electromagnetic compatibility
Comply with YY 0505-2012 “Medical Electrical Equipment Part 1-2: General Safety Requirements Parallel Standard: Electromagnetic
Compatibility Requirements and Tests”.

Working conditions

a)Ambient temperature:10°C~40°C

b)Relative humidity:30%~70%
c)Atmospheric pressure:70kpa~106kpa.
Use performance

a)Measuring range:25°C~45°C

b)Maximum allowable error:±0.1°C
c)Response time:<150s
Cable Color / Length
Gray – 3Meters
Cable Material
TPU Jacket
CERTIFICATE and report
TUV , ISO 13485, CFDA, RoHS , Biocompatibility
Packaging Type
1pcs per PE bag
Warranty/Validity Period:
Warranty period: 1 year ,
Validity period: 2 years,

Product Pictures:

Product Application People and Parts:

NO. Brand Compatible Model Plug Style Probe Model
0014 GE GE Series Rectangle-11P(plug code 006) Reusable skin-surface probes for adult Φ10 disk,3M,2.25K AMD-RP-AS0014-X
Reusable esophageal probes for adult Φ4.7 tip,3M,2.25K AMD-RP-AE0014-X
Reusable skin-surface probes for paediatric Φ8 disk,3M,2.25K AMD-RP-PS0014-X
Reusable esophageal probes for paediatric Φ4 tip,3M,2.25K AMD-RP-PE0014-X

How to choose our temperature probe (Search method):?

1.  According to the monitor brand and model.
2.  According to the monitor brand and model.
3.  According to the connector type of the monitor.

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Why Choose us:

  1. Our company established in 2009, we have experience more than 12 years in medical area. Got a lot of good feedback from many customers.
  2. Amydi-med Medical have20 product lines and 1 dust-free workshop, factory area is 3000sqm, around 100 workers, if we can cooperate with you, you don’t worry about delivery time,it can make you get more orders from your customers
  3. We can supply OEM service to you ,make your LOGO’s label to build your brand .
  4. After-sales service ,send back all bad products to us or we replace new products to you directly.


Warranty Terms:

  1. No warranty period for disposable product.
  2. 6 months after delivery date for Reusable NIBP Cuff,Reusable ECG,EEG Electrodes and EEG Cord, ESU Pencil and Patient Return Plate Cable.
  3. 12 months after delivery date for Reusable SpO2 Sensors, SpO2 Sensor Extension Cables,Temperature Probes,ECG Patient Cable and Leadwires, IBP Cable.


Amydi-med Company FAQ:

1.What is your payment term?
T/T, L/C, Western Union, PayPal, Money Gram, Trade Assurance order, Secure Payment and so on.
2. Where is your Loading Port?
Shenzhen China
3. What is your Samples time?
1 days for exsist samples, 3-7days for custom samples.
4. What is your Mass Production?
Normally 7-15days after received payment.
5. How fast will you quote to clients?
Quotation will be followed in 24hours once received your inquiry.
6. How long will you guarantee the mass quality?
7.Would you accept custom logo printing or custom mould?
All is weclome, just contact us at once.
8.How about shipping way after making order?
Air, Sea and Express shipping are all acceptable.
9. How to control Quality of Mass?
QC workers check each step of production time by time.
Also customers’ QC or 3rd party inspection is acceptable.
Guarantee: Quality of mass will be the same as the approval samples.

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