Jul. 12 , 2019

The SPO2 Sensor consists of a sensor, a function module and a display section. Light-emitting diodes can monitor signals. Photodetectors are the core accessory of SPO2 sensors and play an important role in monitoring. Today, I will briefly introduce the main points to note when using the Spo2 sensor.

SPO2 Sensor

SPO2 Sensor

Even though the Spo2 sensor is very easy to use, there are still some common problems when using the Spo2 sensor.


Sometimes light can cause erroneous results.

2. Mobile

Some human actions may affect the accuracy of the results.

3. Insufficient blood flow

NIBP cuffs and tight cloth can block blood flow, which can affect the accuracy of the results.

Therefore, the above three factors should be considered in the use of the SpO2 sensor, so as to achieve more accurate results.

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