Mar. 23 , 2019

1. As the patient turns over and changes position, the oxygen saturation monitoring line is pulled loose.

Action: Make sure the connection is tight and the slot should be inserted into the bottom.

2. Oxygen cannot enter or fail to enter the alveoli, causing tissue hypoxia or ineffective oxygen supply. Decreases Masimo Adapter Cable saturation.

Measures: Replace the oxygen pipe on time and in time.

3. The oxygen tube is released after the patient coughs, or the oxygen tube is twisted and compressed after the patient turns over.

Measures: The position of the oxygen tube should be fixed and checked in time to keep it open.

4. The Philips Direct-Connect ECG Cable position is incorrect, the probe or wire is off, and the machine is faulty.

Action: Check the probe position in time, place the probe in the proper position, check the connection between the probe and the wire, wire and detector to ensure that the connection is tight and there is no looseness. The monitor should be replaced in time for mechanical failure.

5. Patient factors

Such as cardiopulmonary bypass during cardiopulmonary bypass, cardiac arrest in critically ill patients. No pulse can’t be detected. Diabetes and arteriosclerosis have reduced pulsatile blood flow and decreased pulse oxygen saturation.

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