Mar. 20 , 2019

1. The principle of Masimo Adapter Cable is to utilize the characteristics of the hemoglobin absorption spectrum. For example, if the positive red light, the probe is too deep, too shallow or loose, the blood oxygen saturation change cannot be sensed, so that the oxygen saturation reading is low or not displayed.

Measures: The position of the hand and the finger sleeve can be adjusted, so that the red light is adjusted to the size of the nail cover and fixed with a tape.

2. The long exposure time during the operation causes the patient to have chills and cold skin, resulting in low or no display of blood oxygen saturation readings at the fingertips.

Measures: Pay attention to keep your body warm, keep room temperature, cover quilt if necessary or keep warm with hot water bottle.

3. Nail polish, dirt on the fingertips, thick nail bed, nail fungus, etc. will affect the accuracy of Philips Adult Finger Clip.

Action: The nails should be cleaned during monitoring.

4. Frequent blood pressure measurement, inciting patients with restraint band over-tightening, excessive limb bending, long-term fixation in one-finger monitoring. Both will block blood flow and affect blood oxygen saturation monitoring results.

Measures: Avoid measuring the limbs while monitoring blood oxygen saturation. It is necessary to change the fingers frequently during the test, and it is necessary to restrain the elastic band.

5. Vasoactive drugs can cause vasoconstriction or expansion, affecting the monitoring results. In addition, extravasation of the drug can cause redness and swelling of the tissue.

Measures: If abnormal results are found, arterial blood can be drawn for blood gas analysis. If the drug is extravasated, the infusion site should be observed in time for any exudation, redness, and timely replacement of the fluid pathway.

Masimo Adapter Cable

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