Aug. 15 , 2019

Here is a Sensor Extension Cable Supplier talking about precautions for the use of the thermometer.

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Sensor Extension Cable

Sensor Extension Cable

The thermometer is the highest thermometer. It records the highest temperature that has been measured by this thermometer. After use, the thermometer should be “returned to the table”, that is, the upper part of the thermometer is forced to slam down, so that the mercury that has been lifted into the tube can be returned to the glass bubble. Other thermometers must not be shaken, which is a major difference between thermometers and other liquid thermometers.

The mercury mercury column of the thermometer is smashed below 35 °C before use. Place the mercury end of the thermometer on the top of the armpit, clamp the thermometer with the upper arm to avoid dislocation or drop; measure for 5-10 minutes; take out the thermometer, read the temperature data, and wipe the thermometer with toilet paper. So that you can use it next time or by others.

Reading method: Hold the end of the thermometer in one hand, that is, away from the end of the mercury column, keep the eye at the same level as the thermometer, then slowly turn the thermometer, and read the corresponding temperature value when you see the thick mercury column from the front. Be careful not to touch the mercury end of the thermometer with your hand when reading. This will affect the mercury column and cause measurement inaccuracy.


1. If there is sweat under your arm, you need to dry it.

2. If the measurement time has not arrived, release the squat, you need to re-measure, the time should be recalculated.

3. Any factors affecting the actual body temperature (such as drinking boiled water or cold drinks) should be avoided before measuring body temperature. Drinking hot drinks, strenuous exercise, emotional excitement and bathing should be measured after 30 minutes.

4. The maximum temperature of the glass thermometer is 42 °C, so the temperature should not exceed 42 °C during storage or cleaning. Do not put the thermometer in hot water or use it to measure the temperature of water and other objects.

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