Jun. 04 , 2019

1. Pay attention to clean and properly bind the monitored parts

Monitored area clean is the key factors influencing the monitoring result, and critically acclaimed one-time NIHON KODEN ECG Cable to render better detection result, need more efforts to ensure bundled in fixation is moderate, shoulds not be too tight is too loose, reasonable scale and cleaner test site to make this one-time blood oxygen probe to realize precise detection, let the body the blood concentrations of more comprehensive. Therefore, before the detection and use of the disposable blood oxygen probe, the body parts should be cleaned reasonably to ensure better fixation capacity and scientific operation methods to improve the reaction effect of the disposable blood oxygen probe.

2. Pay attention to the monitoring period and reinforcement mode

Different adhesive tapes are provided according to different pathological needs of patients, which can effectively improve the quality of clinical testing. However, the customer wants to make this durable ECG Cable AHA play a better role, and needs to know more about the reinforcement process and monitoring period of this product. To ensure long-term continuous monitoring and more reliable reinforcement, the disposable blood oxygen probe can truly achieve reliable response and more sensitive monitoring level.

In a word, reasonable operation method and understanding of this instrument are the important basis for influencing the monitoring accuracy of this disposable blood oxygen probe. Therefore, when customers apply this disposable blood oxygen probe, they need to master the corresponding use method and monitoring method. Only reliable operation according to different pathological types can make this safe and reliable disposable blood oxygen probe display better detection quality.


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