Apr. 12 , 2019

The normal value of Philips SpO2 Sensor Extension Cable, the value of SpO2 measured when inhaling air is ≥95%~97%. Hypoxemia: SpO2 <95% for deoxygenemia, SpO2 <90% for mild hypoxemia, and SpO2 <85% for severe hypoxemia. The general alarm low limit should be set higher than 90%.

At present, the use rate of GE-Marquette Dash Pro ECG Cable monitors in the treatment of inpatients is getting higher and higher, and the malfunction of monitors due to various reasons is also increasing. As a kind of precision electronic equipment, the ECG monitor has its own failure rate. The common monitor failures are mostly non-mechanical (ie caused by improper operation, improper setting or patient). Various ways to adjust to normal.

At the same time, with the increasingly sophisticated monitoring instruments, how to use the monitoring instruments correctly and effectively requires our nursing staff to continuously improve their overall quality. The nursing management personnel should have relevant and systematic training for the nursing staff. The nursing staff should continuously improve their own business level to improve the ability to eliminate faults and reduce the incidence of faults. At the same time, the nursing staff should master the patient’s psychological activities, use psychological knowledge to psychologically care for the patient, so that the patient can receive the monitoring of the ECG monitor in the best psychological state.

Philips SpO2 Sensor Extension Cable

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