Jan. 04 , 2019

The SpO2 Adapter Cable is an instrument for measuring the oxygen concentration in the human blood, that is, the oxygen saturation. The sensor is composed of two light-emitting tubes and a photoelectric tube, and can be timely understood in the blood during surgery or monitoring of critically ill patients. Oxygen content.

With the continuous development of modern medical technology and related disciplines, Mindray SpO2 Adapter Cable have become an indispensable instrument of medical electronic instruments, playing an increasingly important role in hospitals. The use of monitoring instruments not only reduces the labor of medical staff, but also improves the efficiency of nursing work. More importantly, it allows doctors to keep abreast of the disease and deal with them in a timely situation, which improves the quality of care. In the physiological parameters of monitoring, in addition to electrocardiogram, blood pressure, etc., the determination of oxygen concentration in human blood, that is, blood oxygen saturation, is also of great clinical significance. In the surgical or critical patient supervision, it is necessary to avoid oxygen deficiency in the patient and to know the oxygen content in the blood in time.

SpO2 Adapter Cable

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