Jan. 22 , 2019

When there are no options for the limbs, you can choose the nose or forehead. The nose is hollow and thin, which is conducive to the identification of blood oxygen of Philips SpO2 Sensor Extension Cable. In severe cases, the stomach tube is usually left in the nose, but studies have shown that the nose can be used as an adult patient to measure the position of the pulse oximetry on the nose regardless of whether or not the stomach tube is left. But the nose oxygen saturation probe is relatively expensive and can be used as a secondary. The forehead position is stronger than other positions, it is not easy to be affected by receptor position and limb activity, and it is easy to fix. However, because the price of the forehead probe is relatively expensive, it is generally recommended to use the patient and the patient who needs physical activity.

Things to note when use Philips Sensor Extension Cable

1. The patient’s nails should not be too long and must not contain any stains, dirt or nails.

2. If the patient’s finger feels uncomfortable after a long period of blood oxygen monitoring, another finger should be replaced for monitoring.

3. During the monitoring process, if the patient and the medical staff collide and pull the probe and the lead wire, there will be interference. It is recommended that the patient be in a quiet state and then read the value more accurately.

Philips Sensor Extension Cable

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