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ECG Cable

The electrocardiograph is an important and commonly used medical device for examining heart function, and the ECG lead wire is an indispensable part of it. In addition, because the ECG lead wire is exposed to the external environment for a long time, it is often inevitable to be affected by external environmental factors, and the performance advantage will gradually decrease. Therefore, medical personnel need to take the following measures to extend their service life. The following points are shared by professional ECG Cable Manufacturer.

1. Regular cleaning

Even the use of good quality and low price ECG lead wire requires regular cleaning by the user to ensure that its performance advantage is fully utilized. During the cleaning process, it should be noted that the ECG machine and the lead wire interface should not be scrubbed with liquid, and must be wiped with dry gauze. The specific operation method is to use gauze to take water or disinfection liquid such as alcohol, gently scrub on the surface of the ECG lead wire, and then dry the water stain thoroughly with dry gauze, so as not to affect the normal use of the ECG machine.

2. Strictly follow the correct use and storage methods

In order to avoid the distortion of the ECG lead wire and the breakage of the internal thin wire, do not pull it hard or bend it too much during the process to fully protect the lead wire. When no patient needs to use the ECG lead wire, the lead wire should be placed in the palm of the hand as much as possible for the curve. It is recommended to hang the ring with a larger diameter for hanging. At the same time, the ECG lead wire should be regularly arranged during the use process to reduce or avoid the lead wire in the patient’s clothing, and put it in the out of the clothes or under the pillow. In addition, it can be wrapped with insulation tape, flame-retardant and weather-resistant insulating tape, or use data cable spring sleeve, which is simple and convenient, so that the lead wire can be protected from external environment such as high temperature, dust pollution and accidental collision. influences.

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