Feb. 18 , 2019

△ Light interference Sometimes an external light source can cause erroneous readings in Compatible Direct-Connect SpO2 Sensor

△ Artificial movement Some human movements can cause abnormal pulse and affect the accuracy of monitoring.

△ Insufficient blood flow Blood pressure cuff, tight clothing or inhibition will block blood flow, affecting monitoring accuracy

The Direct-Connect SpO2 Sensor is compatible with the clinical instrument mechanism

The blood oxygen probe is compatible with the adapter wires of all the different brands of clinical measuring instruments. In clinical monitoring, the blood oxygen probe is incompatible with the brand blood oxygen meter, and the monitoring data is inaccurate.

The disposable and repetitive pulse oximetry probes are ideal for applications from major brand monitors worldwide. And provide different materials, different interfaces, different lengths of various types of repeatability, disposable blood oxygen probe sensor, can be provided to the elderly, all kinds of adults, children, newborns and other convenient use.

Compatible Direct-Connect SpO2 Sensor

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