Finger Skin Or Color Anomalies Affect The Accuracy Of Mindray SpO2 Adapter Cable

Feb. 22 , 2019

Studies have found that skin pigments have an effect on Mindray SpO2 Adapter Cable. In the hypoxic state, SPO2 overestimates the actual SaO2 value, and this phenomenon is particularly pronounced in blacks. However, some experiments have shown that skin pigmentation does not affect the accuracy of Masimo SpO2 Adapter Cable. Therefore, the impact on skin pigmentation is still controversial.

Excessive local skin may affect the penetration of light. Nail polish or other organic dyes may interfere with the absorption of the pulse oximeter light, making the oximeter inaccurate. In particular, blue nail polish has a great influence on the detection value. Will result in lower values; red, purple, transparent nail polish has less effect. During the monitoring, skin with thin skin and no pigmentation should be selected for monitoring. Avoid using fingernails (toes) with nail polish or other colored dye as the detection site, or wipe it off before testing.

Mindray SpO2 Adapter Cable


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