Factors And Interventions Related To Masimo Adapter Cable

Mar. 04 , 2019

The Masimo Adapter Cable has foreign matter such as cotton and dust to cover the light source and the light sensor.

Before inspection, it is advisable to check the performance and gloss of the probe. After inspection, wipe it with a soft cloth to remove foreign matter such as dust, but pay attention to the wet cloth to be fully wrung out and disable the ethanol wash. Place the probe in a drawer or bag when not in use.

The GE-Marquette ECG Cable is in poor contact with the host

It may be loosely connected due to the fact that it is not connected firmly before the monitoring, or the patient is pulling the wire during the monitoring. Timely discovery and processing, the blood oxygen monitoring module is inserted into the bottom of the slot.

Probe and cable damage

Check whether the photodiode of the probe is illuminated, whether the finger sleeve and the cable are worn or not, and repair if it is damaged. During the monitoring process, the paralyzed patient should not force the probe to be easily damaged.

Pulse oximeter type and model

Due to the difference in production process and technical process, even if the principle is the same, there are differences between various types and models of pulse oximeters.

Masimo Adapter Cable


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