Feb. 28 , 2019

Photoelectric interference

A strong external light source, such as entering the detector, can interfere with the Philips SpO2 Sensor Extension Cable‘s detection of the absorption rate of the light wave. Especially when the pulse amplitude is weakened, the electric field interference (including the electric knife and the electrode plate and the shared power socket, etc.) can cause the heart rate calculation to be distorted or the SPO2 display to decrease. In order to prevent photoelectric interference, the monitoring should keep the indoor light soft. If special lighting is needed, avoid direct illumination of the 5 Leads Holter ECG Cable. When the outdoor sunlight is strong, the curtain should be pulled to prevent the sunlight from directly illuminating the probe or on the sensor.

Music content

When you listen to music of different content, the oxygen saturation is different. Oxygen saturation increased when the subject listened to light music, while blood oxygen saturation decreased when listening to rock music. Therefore, patients who have fallen SPO2 try to avoid listening to rock music.

Other factors and interventions

Ironing, artificial nails, nails are too long, and the operator must pay attention. Intravenous procaine anesthesia (even epidural administration of lidocaine) can reduce SPO2 because it produces methemoglobin, so changes in SPO2 during local anesthesia during surgery should be considered.

Philips SpO2 Sensor Extension Cable

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