Mar. 18 , 2019

Philips SpO2 Sensor Extension Cable refers to the attachment of the probe finger to the patient’s fingertip, using a finger as a transparent container for hemoglobin, using red light at 660 nm and near-infrared light at 940 nm. The light source was measured, and the light transmission intensity through the tissue bed was measured to calculate the hemoglobin concentration and blood oxygen saturation. SpO2, pulse rate, and pulse wave can be obtained by SpO2 monitoring. It is applied to the blood oxygen monitoring of various patients, usually the other end is connected to the ECG monitor.

The 5 leads Holter ECG Cable is used to monitor the blood oxygen saturation and pulse of the human body. It acts on the fingers, toes, earlobes, and the palm of the newborn. The light-emitting diodes emit red and infrared light to these human tissues, and hemoglobin in the human blood. The tissue and bone absorb a large amount of light at the monitoring site. The light passes through the end of the monitoring site, and the light detector on the side of the probe receives the light source.

Philips SpO2 Sensor Extension Cable

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