Mar. 07 , 2019

Finger clip

The body finger clip is made of fire-grade non-toxic ABS material, which is not easy to damage. A visor is also designed on the finger clip to better shield the peripheral light source.


One of the main reasons for the damage of SpO2 Sensor Extension Cable is that the spring is loose, the elastic force is not enough, and the clamping force is insufficient. Our SpO2 adopts high tension electroplated carbon steel spring, which is reliable and durable.


In order to ensure reliable connection of the probe, consider the attenuation during signal transmission on the connection terminal with the monitor, using a special process gold-plated terminal.

Connection process

The connection process of the Suction ECG Electrodes is also important for the test results. The position of the cushion is calibrated to ensure that the position of the detector transmitter and receiver is correct.

in accuracy

Make sure that the error is not more than plus or minus 2% when the SPO2 value is 70%~~100%, and the accuracy is higher, which makes the detection result more reliable.

SpO2 Sensor Extension Cable

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