Mar. 05 , 2019

Detection device

The light-emitting diodes and photodetector elements that detect the signal are the core components of the SpO2 Sensor Extension Cable. It is also the key to determining whether the value is accurate or not. Theoretically, the red light wavelength is 660 nm, and the infrared light is 940 nm. The value obtained by the detection is ideal. However, due to the complexity of the process of manufacturing the device, the wavelength of the red light and the infrared light produced is always deviated. The magnitude of the deviation of the wavelength of light will affect the value detected. Therefore, the manufacturing process of LEDs and photodetection devices is very important. our uses inspection equipment, which is advantageous in both accuracy and reliability.

Medical wire

In addition to the use of imported materials (highly elastic strength, corrosion resistance are very reliable), the design also uses a double-layer shielding, which can suppress noise interference and keep the signal intact compared to single layer or no shielding.


Philips Direct-Connect ECG Cable use a specially designed cushion (finger pad) that is comfortable, reliable, and non-allergenic to the skin and can be used in patients with different body shapes. And the full-wrap design is adopted to avoid interference caused by light leakage from the finger movement.

SpO2 Sensor Extension Cable

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