Apr. 27 , 2019

One is the failure of the Oximax SpO2 Sensor itself, and the other is caused by external factors of the probe.

The failure of the probe itself mainly focuses on the disconnection of the cable, the burning of the luminous tube and the photoelectric tube, or the decrease of the efficiency of transmitting and receiving. Under normal circumstances, it can be judged by static measurement, and then specifically excluded for the fault point. Faults caused by external factors of the Adult Finger Clip SpO2 Sensor mainly focus on noise interference, patient jitter or severe keratinization of the probe, probe emission, unclean portion of the receiving part, and light leakage. As long as the source of the interference is found, the probe is cleaned, the connection port is reinforced, and the correct use can be eliminated on site. The current monitoring instruments generally have an alarm function, and the fault code or prompt when the alarm is one of the shortcuts to find the cause of the fault.

Oximax SpO2 Sensor

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