Jun. 01 , 2019

1. The “repetitive” Reusable Finger Clip Sensor is re-used between patients. The probe can not be disinfected with disinfectant, and can not be sterilized by high temperature. It is easy to cause cross-infection of patients. Disposable probes for single use to avoid cross-infection.

2. The Masimo SpO2 Sensor does not contain latex, and is made of medical soft cotton elastic cloth. This material is comfortable and safe, and prevents skin allergies for a long time.

3. The adhesive surface treated by the optimized technique makes the skin feel almost no stimulation or pressure.

4. Complete specifications. Disposable probes can be selected according to different age and weight parameters, and the measured values are more accurate.

5. Non-invasive continuous monitoring, strong resistance to external environment, the strongest signal can be obtained for weak pulse, and the monitoring knot is more accurate.

6. The measurement accuracy is high. When the blood oxygen saturation is in the range of 85-100%, the measurement accuracy is 1%; when the blood oxygen saturation is in the range of 50-84%, the measurement accuracy is 2%.

7. Wide monitoring range, blood oxygen saturation measurement range is 50-100% wide.

8. Widely compatible with medical monitors currently on the market.

Reusable Finger Clip Sensor

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